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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Secapay?

Secapay is payment system that help users/businesses to collect payments in an easy, safe and secured way.

Is it secure and safe to use Secapay?

Yes, Secapay is a better, secure and more reliable platform for payments

Why should I use Secapay?

There are so many benefits to gain, like our system is easy to use, robust and secured.

Example: Between 2015 and 2017, over 100 billion naira was lost in eFraud in Nigeria alone. As a result of this, we have taken a major step to create a more secure payment environment in Nigeria.

How can I collect payment on my website using Secapay?

For Opencart and wordpress websites, we have plugins available for you. Simply search for and install our plugins to receive payments via Secapay.

Can I get my money whenever i want? If yes, how?

Yes. You can request for a withdrawal anytime and you will receive it in less than 24 hours.

Is there a particular age permit required from a user to make use of Secapay?

Yes, Secapay is not for minors. A user must be 18 years old or above.

What is Escrow payment?

Escrow generally refers to money held by a third-party on behalf of transacting parties.

How does Escrow work?

Secapay holds the money from your customer and release to you once you deliver the goods ordered for.

What if I want the seller to be paid after I have gotten my order?

We have a system called Escrow; that solves that problem

What is Escrow? Its a system that allows you pay Secapay for goods ordered for; Secapay notifies your seller to go ahead and deliver. We will pay your seller after you have confirm receipt of the goods.

Are there extra charges for transactions made with Secapay?

Yes, we charge merchants a commission fee of 2% capped at N2,000 for most transactions but transactions between our users our free when they pay from their Secapay balance. Merchants also get a discounted commission charge of 0.25% (1.75%) for our USSD POS

Can I pay a user that is not on Secapay via Escrow?

Yes, we don't require receiver to be registered on Secapay to receive money. However we will create an account automatically for them so they can login and withdraw the money.

What if the item is not what I wanted?

We implore you to be realistic in your purchases. Secapay is a community that is upheld by trust. So if a merchant does not deliver the item they said they are selling, we will take it up seriously and ensure a refund or replacement is made. All you need to do is to create a dispute on that transaction. However, if merchant is found not to be at fault, you will bear the penalty fee for the dispute.

What are Naira Numbers?

These are vouchers that you can create on Secapay. You can use these vouchers to make payment purchases on Secapay. You could also use it to send money to anyone.

How can I load my Naira number digits?

Simply dial *347*8*12-DIGIT# to recharge your Secapay account with Naira Numbers.

How can I sell Naira Numbers

You need to be a registered agent or merchant that is accredited to sell Naira Numbers. Once you are registered an agent or merchant, contact us to enable sales of Naira Numbers for you

How do I make money selling Naira Numbers?

We mandate all our merchants to sell Naira Numbers at a profit of no more than N5.

Who are agents?

Agents are Secapay part-time or full-time employees that help to retail Secapay products and services. Agents can make as much as N200,000 per month doing business on Secapay.

What are the benefits of being an agent on Secapay?

A Secapay agent can earn money via sales commissions, create and sell Naira Numbers, manage Secapay transactions for large organizations and even provide ATM services. Visit our agents page to learn more.

How can I sell Naira Numbers as an agent?

Once you are registered an agent or merchant, simply contact us to agree to terms and conditions and we will enable sales of Naira Numbers for you

How much commissions can I earn in USSD POS sales?

You can earn up to 50% commission in USSD POS sales as an agent and even more as a lead/premium agent.

Who are merchants?

Merchants are anyone who want to use Secapay mainly for the purpose of receiveing money.

What are the benefits of being a merchant on Secapay?

As a Secapay merchant, you have a more robust dashboard to manage your customers and transactions. You can also gain access to our USSD POS as a merchant. To sign up as a merchant, simply visit https://secapay.com/merchant to sign up.

How can I sell Naira Numbers as a merchant?

Once you are registered a merchant, simply contact us to agree to terms and conditions and we will enable sales of Naira Numbers for you

How much in commissions do you charge me as a merchant?

We charge a commission of 2% for card transactions but payments from Secapay accounts are free. We also charge a reduced commission of 1.75% for USSD POS transactions for basic users and make it a little bit negotiable for premium and enterprise users.

What is the USSDPOS?

The USSDPOS is a new way of receiving money from ATM/Bank cards via USSD. It enables both users and merchants to send to or receive money from anyone via USSD.

What is the USSD code for USSD POS?

The USSD code for Secapay is *347*8# and is currently only available on MTN and Etisalat.

How do I get a USSD POS?

To get a USSD POS, simply visit https://secapay.com/organization to learn more and register. You may also sign up through any of our agents nationwide.

How much in commissions do you charge on the USSD POS?

We charge a commission of 1.75% for USSD POS transactions for business users.